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When: March 12, 2020 | 9 – 10 AM Pacific Time

BFSI has been embracing AI & ML for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis for solving their typical challenges. But lately, for most organizations the accuracy of outcome is questionable as the underlying reason for the prediction is unclear.

For accurate results, industry is now moving towards Explainable AI & Automated ML - which gives better understanding of the predictions made as well as trains the model automatically to upgrade itself as per the continuously varying data.

Join CIGNEX for a webinar where we would share how Explainable AI & Automated ML can not only solve the current challenges but also provide new solutions for business excellence. In the webinar, we will be covering:

  • Understanding the first wave of AI & ML in BFSI Industry
  • Challenges faced with current AI & ML Solutions
  • Explainable AI & Automated ML – Resolving Challenges of current AIML deployments
  • Use Cases & Case Studies
    • Predictive Analytics on Sales, Budget & Expense Data
    •  Vendor Analytics & Assessment
    • Intelligent Financial Audits & Compliances (for anomaly detection)
    • Smart Back office Automation (AI powered RPA)
    • Financial transactions data insights (Natural Language Generation)
    • Help Desk for employees using personalized Chatbots

 Live Demonstration showcasing Accurate Actionable Analytics

Duration: Webinar & Demo - 45 minutes | Q&A – 15 minutes


Neil Harwani, Sr. Solution Architect, CIGNEX

Has approximately 15+ years of experience in Information Technology industry working with start-ups, mid-sized companies and MNCs across roles – Developer, Team Lead, Project Manager, Solution Architect, Presales Manager, Sales & Business Analyst.

Nirav Shah, Solutions Lead – Presales, CIGNEX

With over 12+ years of Industry wide experience, Nirav has an excellent technical acumen with manifold technical certifications up his sleeve. He has handled a number of RPA Workshops, fitment assessment, Governance & COE strategies etc. He has been instrumental in numerous business outcomes and plays a pivotal role in the organization.