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RAPIDO - Simplify content management and publishing with Alfresco ECM and Drupal WCM

The content management and publishing “ecosystem” is much like a natural ecosystem, which is constantly in a flux. Moreover, with the increase in dynamic content, it is becoming more difficult to engage the modern user with fresh and relevant content by delivering anytime on any medium through any device. The key is to provide a simpler, more market centric and user-friendly way to manage rich media content, and remove the need for IT development staff in the content production cycle.

Consider an example of a media company managing various business units and facing challenges like

RAPIDO - Simplify content management and publishing with Alfresco ECM and Drupal WCM

CIGNEX tailors the need with RAPIDO – Rapid Automated Powerful Integrated Dynamic Open Source - Content Management & Publishing solution, which is an integrated solution designed to leverage the power of Alfresco as an enterprise content management and Drupal as a web content management solution to simplify content management and publishing and also provide ECM WCM Integration.

RAPIDO delivers a dynamic content management and publishing platform by providing optimal user engagement and user experience. It engages content authors to create, manage, and deliver dynamic, targeted and consistent content across various online channels including your website, social media, campaign sites, mobile sites, and more with enterprise ready features like ease of content access, content categorization, enterprise search, content workflows, user-access security, meta-data level security, and secured content delivery.

RAPIDO at core consists of Alfresco that gives site owners total control over its content, and Drupal providing a rich and flexible presentation structure simplifying dynamic content publishing with Alfresco Drupal Integration. Its integrated architecture delivers content to the targeted audience in the right medium by Alfresco’s transformation feature which triggers native conversion of content to the web viewable formats (HTML, XML, PDF etc.), mobile, and tablet viewable formats. It also enhances the enterprise’s ability to localize and deliver multichannel content on web and mobile by simplifying the content management and publishing business process.

It is built on leading enterprise-grade Open Source software such as the Alfresco content platform which provides document management, records management, versioning, categorization, workflow engine and the Drupal web publishing for managing various microsites, with features like responsive themes, SEO, social media, and analytics.

Content Workflow


  • Device Portability with responsive theme and support for mobile applications

  • Cloud Ready Solution – easy to scale to meet the increasing need of concurrent and total users/visitors

  • Flexible metadata and security with workflow engine

  • Content management and library services, including full-text search, check-in or check-out, and version control

  • Native content conversion to Web viewable formats, including HTML, XML, and PDF

  • Dynamic delivery and scheduled publishing & expiration models

  • Document, digital assets and records management

  • Integration flexibility – Open architecture with access to source code

System Requirements:

Subscription: Alfresco Enterprise v4.0.2 or Alfresco Cloud, Acquia Drupal 6/7

Operating System(any one): Windows XP/7, Mac OSX 10.7.4/10.8.0, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Application Server(any one): Tomcat 6.0.24/35, JBoss 5.1.1 EAP, Oracle WebLogic 11g Rel1(10.3.5), Websphere

Database(any one): MySQL 5.5, MS SQL Server 2008 R2, Oracle (10g v10.2.0.5, 11g v11.2.0.1), PostgreSQL 9.0.4, DB2 9.7.0

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