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OAEP allows learners to enroll themselves and access various course related artifacts efficiently. On the other side, instructors can also engage and interact with users via online discussion boards. The entire process workflow is created & managed within the platform which enables enterprises to track the user’s interaction & performance throughout the learning cycle.

The product is build using Drupal, a leading web content management platform & Moodle, a learning management system, thus bringing together the best features of CMS & LMS to create a powerful Online Academy for e-Learning Management.

Platform: Drupal, Moodle

Type: Product


Build-Implement-Operate ModeA set of features which code ready to use with the Framework, with minor customization and setup for each customer
Curriculum, Courses, Certifications and GradingSupport for Teaching, Mentoring, Grading
Data Exchange Take data from any other platform and integrate for delivering to participants
User Management Full set standardized user management, linked to Active Directory or independent User Management
Customer ServiceIndependent Customer Service Help Desk module or integrate with any existing  help desk system
Digital Development Built on Responsive Design concepts so that content can be delivered with same look n feel to Desktops, Tablets and Mobile devices
Multi-lingual Support Language Packs and Labels for multi-lingual support


Installation, Customization, Development and Maintenance

OAEP distribution can run an academy.  Customer can configure product features from admin console.

There are two distributions that can be made available via OAEP – Professional, Enterprise. The professional version can include full functionality with a Studio Module and a Package Module.  It is ideal package for small scale instances of E Learning. The enterprise version can have complete package for academies and can provide unlimited access and offers additional customization features – like Personalization, Mobile Integration, Android/iPhone Whiteboarding, Offline Download for low bandwidth counties in Africa and Asia etc. 

For both packages, the offer could be made through 0 days trial versions, to get glance of the application. Linking OAEP usage to Payment Gateways can enable incremental Learning usage, the way some Language courses are offered.

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