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Client Overview

Revenue: Over $24 Billion | Employees: 140,000+

Business Need

Business Process Automation for validating checkpoints in Product R&D division for

  • A web based Product Lifecycle Management Platform
  • 3D CAD used for modeling instruments as per 25+ templates & then adding it to content repository post review. Review parameters to be reflected in PLM application simultaneously

Key Features

  • Custom Test Automation using RPA tool, Selenium and AutoIT
  • Selenium used for test scenarios involving web based PLM Platform
  • AutoIT for Automating CAD software test cases
  • RPA tool applied at workflows intersecting PLM & CAD
  • Audit Trails to adhere with security & compliance requirements


  • Automated more than 11,200 scenarios and Framework easily scalable in the future
  • 900% improvement in productivity (10 hours/case to 1 hour)
  • Over 70% ROI savings through regression testing & Cost savings through Open Source tools