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Client Overview

The largest hotelier in the world 693,072 number of rooms with 4732 hotels across 11 brands

Business Need

To build an unified & integrated platform for new Franchise registration, onboarding & collaboration

Key Features

  • Unified platform for launching Franchise Engagement Program
  • Engaging face for the organization with a unified user experience
  • Enables modular & quick functionality extension by application building functionality
  • Leveraged OOTB functionality to the maximum
  • Go-To Market in less than a month with ~ 500 Franchisee’s
  • Completely build on Salesforce Lightning Experience
  • Mobile access, email alerts/ notifications to be enabled as Phase II functionality


  • Gain visibility into every step of the Franchise on-boarding process
  • Increase productivity and realize benefits quickly
  • Reduce delays caused by lost information and review or approval bottlenecks
  • Improve time to market of products or services