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Client Overview

  • American multinational luxury fashion holding company
  • First New York based house of modern luxury lifestyle brands
  • Operations & Sales - Retail and outlet stores | E-commerce websites
  • Product range – Footwear | Wearables | Jewellery | Travel Bags | Sun wear | Watches | Fragrance

Business Need

  • To improve the sales reconciliation processes by automating the reporting between workplace management systems
  • To compare OMS sales data with SAP sales data and generate the Variance report using input template
  • Quicker fiscal month closure  looking at many regions, many different POS with different data structures

Key Features

  • All BOT permission settings for SAP mirror the current business user’s access into SAP
  • Application process access for BOT to download/export  sales  by location report
  • Folder structure on shared location - easy access for BOT, development team and business users


  • Number of bots after automation - 1
  • Time to process one file after automation - 2 min
  • Avg. items processed per day - No limit