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American Multinational Luxury Fashion Holding Company

Business Need

  • To Automate Inventory Control Process
    • Automate Inventory data export process from SAP Application
    • Automate insertion of dummy UPC (Universal Product Code) number for errors in iDocs (SAP FMS system)
  • To Automate LMS Import Process
    • To Automate the CSV comparison process using LMS import
  • To Automate SAP CAR ECOM Audit Process
    • To have the selected candidate process automated and see the automation in action
    • To eliminate the human errors from the process (if any)
  • To Automate Tidal Off-boarding
    • To Automate the user removal process from PRD, QA, DEV environments of the tidal application
  • To Automate SAP IDoc Errors WPUWBU Carton Edits Adjustments
    • To Automate the carton edits process

Key Benefits

  • Automating the repetitive tasks that involves the correction of records that has errors thereby improving the data accuracy
  • Faster Processing and Time Saving
  • Proper tracking of errors on a daily basis
  • Sending reports via emails
  • Access to detailed audit logs
  • 24/7 Operations