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Client Overview

Founded in 2000, US based leading IT Services Company with 800+ consultants across geographies. Till now the company have delivered over 900 enterprise solutions in 18+ countries to clients across various industries to meet their business and technical requirements.

Business Need

  • To eliminate manual data entry and automate invoice processing by
    • Seamlessly extracting invoice data from QB India Notebook App and entering it into Tally Prime using UiPath
  • To automate reporting between workplace management systems

Key Features

  • Unattended bot to
    • Scan the invoice from QB India Notebook App
    • Interpret the invoice data according to business rules
    • File the data into Tally Prime
  • Reporting: Output log generated with status for end user validation


  • Qualitative
    • Decreased cycle time and rework
    • Enhanced process efficiency with reduced manual efforts
    • Eliminated manual errors
    • Improved standardization of the end to end process
  • Quantitative
    • 80% reduction in processing time
    • 100% accuracy in data extraction and invoice processing
    • Estimated annual saving through automation