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Client Overview

Founded in 1885, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company with deep focus on human pharma, animal health, and biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing. The company serves over 130 markets worldwide

Business Need

  • To build 30+ brand websites using a single platform with standard component-based structure, that accommodates all brand-specific requirements
  • To deliver seamless customer experience with
    • Timely deployments
    • Facilitated feature enhancements
    • Improved security & performance

Key Features

  • Scalable and flexible solution architecture
  • Theme
    • Standard theme as per GDS standard for all Brand website
    • Publishing MLR approved content as per legal requirement
  • Content Management
    • Configurable landing pages enabling ease in content management
    • Event Listing, calendar, and detail page for keeping the HCP apprised of past, current, and future events
    • Newsletter, LMS, print download feature & POLL / Survey feature
  • Integrations
    • Marketing promotions tools
    • Instatag analytics and SEO tools
    • Multiple SSO integrations as per the requirement - Salesforce, Unify and Auth0
  • Performance
    • Integrated SEO for better result in search index
    • Page load time less than 5 seconds
    • Users  approx. 130K per month
    • Optimization score - 90%


  • Consistent Branding – All brand sites have brand-specific designs
  • Enabled cost and time effectiveness with Drupal’s multi-site architecture
  • Seamless customer experience as a result of secured and updated sites
  • Regular & timely updates with continuous support and maintenance