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16 Jan 2023

Liferay Commerce 3.0

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or an individual who is interested in setting up your own business and would like to use Liferay Commerce 3.0 to transform your B2B enterprise, then this article is for you. Liferay Commerce 3.0 offers a great solution for B2B ecommerce platforms, which can help your business create a powerful online storefront where businesses can present their products and services through the website. It has everything from content management to shopping carts to order forms and much more.

Liferay Commerce 3.0 is a powerful platform that empowers your B2B business with new ways to sell and deliver products, services, and information online. With advanced ecommerce functionality and an intuitive user interface, you can automate your business processes in minutes!

Much has been said about a small business (SMB) being your greatest asset. However, when it comes to a B2B business, this is an entirely different story. While SMBs are easy and affordable for a startup, there are so many things that you need to think about when it comes to an enterprise level B2B business.

B2B Challenges and Liferay Commerce

B2B eCommerce is a challenging and growth-oriented business. Without the right product or service, it is not possible to make money online with this type of business model. But what happens if your business doesn't seem to be growing? In this case, you should think about adding a new component to your eCommerce platform.

Liferay Commerce 3.0 - there's no other choice than this powerful solution when it comes to managing your online store. The following article will show you what Liferay Commerce 3.0 has to offer, how it can help your business grow and also explain how it can transform your B2B business!

Liferay Commerce 3.0 is a single-vendor solution that provides business-level functionality and flexibility while remaining lightweight, affordable and easy to use. Whether you are a small scale or large enterprise client, we have something that fits your needs.

Our greatest asset is our customers. If we can integrate with their internal systems, know exactly what they need and value how it's delivered, then we can offer them a better experience than our competitors.

The best way to achieve this is through creating a lifecycle management solution that enables you to integrate your business processes into Liferay Enterprise Portal 3.0 - the industry-leading B2B portal & content management suite by Liferay, Inc.

Benefits of Liferay Commerce 3.0

  • Reduced Costs

    With the right Liferay eCommerce solution, businesses can eliminate manual processes and customize their online stores more easily.

    With Liferay Commerce 3.0, you can create an advanced digital channel that combines legacy systems and streamlines processes, reducing the cost of workflows. In addition to saving time and money on purchasing goods, you can also reduce overall maintenance costs for your business by combining various systems into a single program.

    The entire process of identifying customers, capturing leads, and converting leads can be optimized to reduce costs.

  • Buying Experience

    Traditionally, most B2B buyers have used conventional methods to purchase inventory. However, with Liferay Commerce 3.0, you can improve the experience for customers and make it easier for them to find relevant products online.

    Most of your customers are repeat buyers who purchase inventory on a regular basis. Powered by tailored navigation and customized feeds, Liferay Commerce 3.0 empowers your buyers to get detailed product data, decreases browsing times, and overall decreases the time for ordering inventory from a B2B supplier.

  • Customer Retention

    Customer analytics helps you understand your customers' behaviour and improve the customer acquisition lifecycle. Whether they're making purchases or just browsing, you can track page analytics to visualize their path.

    Behavioural patterns help us understand purchasing patterns and enable customization based on these insights.

Final Thoughts

Here's the brief takeaway: Liferay e-Commerce 3.0 will help you to become more productive, efficient and profitable in your B2B business. It has a demonstrated history of enhancing B2B businesses and helping to drive revenues from a wide range of industries.

That said, there is no silver bullet when it comes to increasing profits and revenues for your business; however, Liferay e-Commerce 3.0 has proven that it can help organizations to transform their business through the use of a future proofed platform that allows you to implement innovative applications in areas such as mobile navigation, personalization and social interactions with customers using content designed for mobile usage.

CIGNEX has years of experience in the eCommerce landscape. We have helped businesses implement self-service B2B commerce platforms using Liferay Commerce 3.0. Contact us today for a free quote!