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02 Dec 2021

The banking sector is undergoing a phase of digital transformation. The shift is driven by new competition, technology, regulation compliance pressure and changing business models. The banks struggle when selecting the right content management system (CMS) to establish their digital presence.

Banks can entrust the Drupal open source CMS to power their online presence and the strong security that comes with it. Drupal is a trusted Content Management System for banks with powerful features to improve customer experience. As the banks compete to provide better customer experience Drupal CMS continues to deliver and emerge as a digital content and management system in the BFSI sector. Banks can leverage the expertise of Drupal development service provider to digitally transform the business using Drupal CMS.


Challenges faced by Banks -

  • Deliver the right content in accordance with customer expectations.
  • Creating seamless and inspiring experiences to compete with competition.
  • Provide a highly secure platform.
  • Increased regulations and compliances for the banks.

Because Drupal is built from the ground up to be truly scalable, it positions banks to take on these difficulties front on. Taking it from a technological standpoint, it already assisting with the following important factors -

  • Secure Platform

    Drupal is the go-to option for the federal government, state governments, associations, higher education institutions, high-volume consumer websites, and many other organizations. Its emphasis on security isn't new, but rooted in the platform since its earlier versions. A strong open-source platform has a culture, and Drupal's is one of them. So much so that it is widely considered as a considerably more secure platform than open-source alternatives like Joomla or WordPress.

  • Future Ready CMS

    Every CMS uses the word "flexibility" to help it qualify for the big leagues. The truth is that only a handful CMSs meets most people's idea of flexibility. Drupal offers the most capability for managing complicated integrations, building dynamic online experiences that don't follow a "pre-built template" structure, and allowing a marketing team to operate at a Super-User level.

    This amount of flexibility in management and development helps banks prepare for the next big expectation, as customers' expectations of their bank are continuously changing. Finally, to make it relevant to the banking industry, it's customary to have multiple systems handling various areas of the bank's operations.

    Whether its consumer core banking software, investment portals, or B2B tools and resources, it's critical to make the customer experience as easy as possible. Drupal is particularly good at bringing those resources together for a unified experience while minimising threat exposure.

  • Compliance Regulations

    Accessibility-related concerns are causing banks a lot of trouble, which is resulting in a lot of legal action. These lawsuits are significantly more costly than making a significant investment in a platform that will meet the standards established by our country's regulatory body. Drupal provides banks with a robust foundation on which to meet and maintain ADA compliance.

    Drupal complies with the accessibility guidelines that banks are required to follow in order to defend themselves from these kinds of attacks.

  • Consolidating Resources

    A banking website might have various portals and other tools to help the customers, businesses or anyone who wants to access the services offered by bank by interacting with them. Drupal makes it possible to pull all the resources to a single portal, providing an intuitive experience for the user.


Customer Journey Experience

Today's banking customers quickly want to get the access the information and services they want on their preferred platforms. Regrettably, the rate at which those expectations have altered has left many traditional institutions in the dust.

Despite the fact that changing technology is to blame for the current issues in the banking industry, Drupal innovations and methods can help bank to sustain in the challenging digital space and get back on track. Advantages of Drupal development services include responsive API & support, quality assurance, security, customization, reliability and flexibility.

As more banks are migrating their operations online, there is a higher demand for improved customer service. A banking website should be frictionless and straightforward to boost engagement, customer loyalty and retention, and, most crucially, sales.

Drupal outperforms competing content management systems (CMS) in terms of user experience. Drupal has emphasised user experience (UX) in recent editions to enable everyone from site editors to content developers to create compelling consumer experiences.

For the modern customer, Drupal offer a digital-first approach to provide a relevant, engaging, omni-channel and personalized experience across digital touch points. Drupal with its enterprise level tools can help to meet customers' expectations in the banking sector. Banks can Leverage on Drupal development services to create responsive Drupal solutions and deliver engaging digital experience for the customers.

Drupal can help the banks in -

  • Delivering the right content on the right channel.
  • Creating a personalized customer experience.
  • Acquiring and retaining new customers.
  • Increasing speed, scale, and stability.
  • Capturing consumer insights.


If you're a banking institution and looking for a secure, user friendly and reliable content management system (CMS), we recommend Drupal at this time because of how the platform has matured into its most recent version, Drupal 9. CIGNEX deliver end-to-end Enterprise level Drupal development services globally. Please don't hesitate to contact us for Drupal development services if you're using Drupal or any other content management system (CMS) and would like to migrate or upgrade your website to Drupal 9. Learn more about how we can help you stay competitive in an ever-changing landscape or just ensure that your site meets accessibility standards.