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23 Dec 2022

Business Process Automation: Benefits & Application

Today, more and more companies are investing in Business Process Automation to boost efficiency, increase revenues, and deliver better customer experiences.

Business Process Automation (BPA) is a combination of software, hardware and services that automates day-to-day IT processes and business functions to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and ensure smooth operations. According to a report the global BPA market size is expected to reach USD 19.6 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 12.2%.

The wide adoption of Business Process Automation (BPA) has been spurred by various factors, including enterprises' plans to migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud, boosting business continuity, and improving business operations.

The following article will help you explore the benefits of Business Process Automation methodology and provide an overview of the steps involved in implementing automation in business processes.

Benefits of Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation is a software solution that automates and streamlines business processes. It is used to reduce the time and cost of performing routine tasks, to help organizations improve their customer service, to increase the accuracy of business process execution, and to improve the quality of data.

The benefits of BPA are numerous, with the most notable ones being increased efficiency, reduced costs and improved customer service.

In this section, we will examine the key advantages of automating business processes and how it can improve efficiency of your organization-

Reduce Cost

Business processes which are executed manually waste both time and money. It is estimated that organizations lose 20 to 30 percent of their revenue every year due to inefficient processes. Switching from manual to automated processes allows for error minimization and optimizes resource utilization.

A leading US IT service provider, is one of the best Business Process Automation examples. The company shifted from manual invoice processes that were costing them time and money to automated invoicing processes. This reduced the time to complete complex tasks by half and savings of up to 90% through automation processes. 

Read the full case study here.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Business Process Automation not only offers advantages to your side of the equation, but also makes customers happy. Customers will receive reliable and consistent products and services and improve your business efficiency.

BPA can help ensure that you respond to customers' requests and queries quickly and efficiently, which means that you can answer their needs in less time. This will help your company maintain a better reputation among your audience through positive word-of-mouth and stronger online reviews.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Efficiency is about applying your time, effort, and money as efficiently as possible.

Business Process Automation software makes it possible to set up processes that are largely automated, which means you don't need to personally ensure that one task in the process is progressing to the next.

Business Process Automation reduces the amount of time, effort and cost required to complete tasks by streamlining operations and automating processes. Automation not only assures that tasks are completed in a timely manner but also reduces errors by reducing the number of steps involved in completing an operation; this allows organizations to leverage best practices more effectively.

Improve Transparency

The transparency that Business Process Automation brings to a system is one of its biggest advantages. Every process involves a series of tasks, and with automation, you get clear logs that show what was done, who did it and when it was done.

Automation can improve the visibility of processes across an organization by providing customized dashboards. Key performance indicators (KPIs) can be easily tracked for multiple processes and in-depth reports of process performance provide valuable insights into areas that need improvement. Automation also facilitates transparency in business processes, which supports accountability.

Save Time

Manual activities can take time, especially when errors are made and not corrected. Business Process Automation reduces the number of tasks you and your employees do manually, freeing up time to work on tasks that add real value to your company.

Imagine an employee manually entering data from insurance claim files into the claims system. Then imagine that same task being done by a customer using an online portal.

Business Process Automation allows your employees to work smarter, not harder.

Improve Quality & Consistency

Automation helps ensure that any operation is handled in the same way, resulting in high quality and consistent performance. Automated processes ensure that your customers expect consistent experience while working with service team.

Consistency of automated processes means that you can rely on the reliability of your business processes and the efficiency of your service team. You can provide your customers with efficient, cost-effective processes while retaining a competitive edge.

Forecasts and Projections

Predictions are difficult to make in an earlier, less technologically-enriched period. In such a time, the workforce and tools needed to manage processes were inadequate. Business Process Automation allows for the gathering of data from monitoring processes, which can then be used to make forecasts and predictions.

Increase Accountability

Automation can streamline the business process by eliminating human error and providing a digital trail to various aspects of your business. Automated systems offer you a simple way to access important process metrics that you have chosen to automate (sales, customer service, finance, billing). They also offer a centralized view where all employees have access to vital information. This transparency offers greater transparency for everyone's actions.

Boost Employee Morale

Organizations often make the mistake of increasing the work shift of its employees to compensate for their short-comings. Today, many employees spend most of their time doing manual labor, repetitive tasks that don't bring much value to the company.

By automating manual tasks, you can free your employees' time for high-value activities. Giving employees freedom and space may help them activate their creative and innovative skills. This will improve morale, which in turn will do wonders for your company.

Key applications of Business Process Automation and implementation steps

Business Process Automation can be used to automate a wide range of operational areas, including hiring, budget approvals and sales and marketing.

Final Thoughts

Business Process Automation has become a key strategy in businesses seeking to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency. It offers numerous benefits to organizations-improved quality of products and services, more efficient use of resources, and greater flexibility in the way processes are carried out.

For assistance in automating your business processes, please contact us. Our experts will provide a comprehensive solution that's affordable and easy to implement.